Empowering the world’s leading professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, health and wellness specialists, certified healers, mind body practitioners, personal growth coaches, and instructors, Awakening Mastery is the beacon of digital connection and growth. 

We passionately curate a space where knowledge meets purpose, seekers realize their unique passions, and every TV show and membership sparks a journey of profound transformation. Together, we illuminate the path to mastery, one awakening at a time.

Awakening Mastery is the premier online hub for thought leaders, healers, coaches, and instructors worldwide. We are dedicated to amplifying their voices, showcasing their expertise, and fostering deep connections. Through our platform, we provide dynamic opportunities for professionals to share, promote, and monetize their unique offerings. Every TV show broadcasted, every course offered, and every membership activated is a commitment to nurturing growth and facilitating transformative experiences for humanity.

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James Gray Robinson

Sir James Gray Robinson

The World Leading Coach and Healer, Award Winning Lawyer

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